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Japanese sword was handed down since ancient times as the Japanese soul. That soul is inherited and still unbroken. The people inherit that soul are the craftsmen of Japanese Swords and Swords Equipments.

Japanese swords craftsmen are without saying the complaints of life even in harsh, have been making a sword in silence. In summer, the heat in the smithy is not able to express. It dries as soon as craftsmen sweat. In winter, craftsmen cut charcoal silently even in cold wind blowing.
The world-class Japanese swords are born with these craftsmen’s effort.
However, Japanese Swords is not completed yet. Other craftsmen finish the work made by Japanese swords craftsmen.

The polish-craftsmen(Togishi) not only polish swords beautifully and also finish the appearance as sharp swords.
The silver master(Shiroganeshi) creates a “Habaki” processing the metal such as gold, silver, and copper. “Habaki” prevents dropping blades easily from the sheath and fix the blade securely in the sheath.

The sheath-craftsmen(Sayashi) create “Shirasaya” which is sheath to save blade and grand work of “Koshirae” which is exterior for hilt and sheath such as workmanship and paint. “Koshirae” should be functional things and be an art.

The hilt wind-craftsmen(Tsukamakishi) wind the hilt with using an yarn or leather. The formative beauty of wove hilt keeps us interested. The hilt-winding should not be solved and loose.

The sheath paint-craftsmen(Nushi) paint the sheath. The sheath coating requires not only elements of art, but also robustness.
Through these processes by skilled craftsmen, the world-class Japanese Swords are completed.

GIHEIYA provides soulful Japanese Swords made by these craftsmen as GIHEIYA original Japanese Swords to all martial artists in the world.

GIHEIYA owner Atsuo Imazu
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